Les Miserables

Note: The .kar format files still try to play through Java
when you click on them, which causes an error message on my computer.
It is best to download (right-click, "Save File as . . .") them and play
them with your own karaoke player.

Songs from Les Miserables
MIDI file without vocal guide MIDI with vocal guide .kar format file
I Dreamed a Dream Dreamed2.mid Dreamed.kar
At the End of the Day EndDay2.mid EndDay.kar
Who Am I WhoAmI2.mid WhoAmI.kar
Castle on a Cloud Castle2.mid Castle.kar
Master of the House Master2.mid Master.kar
A Heart Full of Love Heart2.mid Heart2.kar
Stars Stars2.mid Stars.kar
On My Own OnMyOwn2.mid OnMyOwn.kar
Bring Him Home BringHimHome2.mid BringHimHome.kar
Do You Hear the People Sing? HearPeople2.mid HearPeople.kar
A Little Fall of Rain LittleFall2.mid LittleFall.kar
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables EmptyChairs2.mid EmptyChairs.kar
In My Life InMyLife2.mid InMyLife.kar

Coming Soon: Drink With Me!!!

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